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Air sterilizer with UVC lamps for home, offices, public spaces, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops,, family medicine, waiting rooms or any other more crowded place!

UVC lamp is fully enclosed and the two fans party, circulate air in the room and it putifica!

Kill viruses and bacteria including covid!

The device can operate non-stop with or without people inside.

You can carry out your activity quietly in the room where he goes!

It can be used in rooms, medical offices, receptions, garden, school, office, home, secretariat, meeting room, waiting rooms ... etc.

Principle of operation

The air loaded with microorganisms is trained in machine air circulation system. Inside the case - flow along the UV radiation generators which leads to a maximum efficiency of the device. The device was designed to be used in spaces where people work being completely harmless to humans. The double reflective system maximizes the efficiency of the device

- Air sterilizer system (air purifier) ​​with fixed mounting (on the wall or ceiling) or on a mobile stand,
- Creating a microclimate free of viruses, mold spores or bacteria
- Hygiene and environmental protection without the use of chemicals
- High effectiveness: disinfection; 99% decrease in the number of microorganisms in the air
- Prevents the spread of epidemics
- Can be used in the presence of human personnel
- Do not produce ozone or other secondary compounds, chemical or physical
- Long service life
- Easy maintenance, low energy consumption
- Easy to install and use.

UV-C Air Sterilizer AEREM-19

Sales Tax Included
  • Voltage 220 ~ 230V

    Power 16x2W

    Frequency 50Hz

    Weight 4.25Kg

    Dimensions (LxWxH) 39x22x23cm

    Volume ~ 300m3 / h

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