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Description Electric air heater 5000 W, 48 sqm, 411mc / h

Caldor 5000 W electric air heater, 48 sqm, 411m3 / h, built for heating offices as well as industrial work areas. The air heater is easy to transport due to its light weight and ergonomic handle. To make heating more efficient, the CALDOR air heater is equipped with a chassis that allows direct airflow to be directed to the desired area, without raising or tilting the air heater.
The air heater housing is compactly built to be quiet and to not transmit noise during operation. It has a built-in thermostat and adjustable power. IPX4 water resistance allows its use in humid areas and spaces. The insulated plastic handles and the entire metal housing are powder coated against rust.

1. Heating elements: stainless steel
2. Adjustable capillary thermostat
3. Overheating protection
4. Ventilation function until complete removal of hot air
5. Metal housing
6. Insulated handles for protected use
7. Portable
8. Water resistance class IPX4
9. Capillary thermostat that allows the control of the ambient temperature

Air flow411mc / h
Heating surface48sqm
Supply voltage 230V ~ 50 60Hz

Industrial electric air heater 5Kw 230V

Sales Tax Included

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