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Oven Resistance (Stone Based)

Caldor Industrial is a leader in the production and distribution of electric oven resistor models.

Stone-based ovens are widely used in the food industry, and these ovens can be referred to as pizza oven resistors, bread oven resistors, or pastry oven resistors. Electric resistors play a critical role in the operation of these ovens, as they keep the products within the cooking area and effectively distribute heat through the brick base at the bottom and the resistors at the top. To maintain the desired temperature levels of stone-based ovens, they rely on the support of electric resistors. Our electric oven resistor models are designed to automatically adjust and regulate temperature and heat settings, shutting off once the targeted temperature level is reached.

At Caldor Industrial, we proudly offer high-quality electric oven resistor models. These models not only provide energy efficiency, but also contribute to cost savings for your business. We are committed to delivering reliable and cost-effective electric oven resistors to our customers. You can find a variety of electric oven resistor models suitable for different applications in our product catalogs. These resistors are designed to be maintenance-free and durable, ensuring years of reliable performance. Caldor Industrial's product catalogs showcase resistors that stand out for their reliability and durability.

Our electric oven resistor models come with energy-efficient features, allowing your business to achieve energy savings. As Caldor Industrial, we strive to provide the best solutions to our customers by offering customized designs and energy-efficient options. You can discover electric resistors tailored to your specific needs in our Caldor Industrial product catalogs. Electric resistors can serve different purposes in the food industry and various usage areas:

  • Restaurants and cafes: Electric resistors are used in ovens, grills, stovetops, and bain-maries.

  • Bakeries and pastry shops: They are used for baking bread, pastries, cookies, and other products in ovens.

  • Bakery product manufacturing: Electric resistors are used in ovens and baking equipment in facilities producing bakery products.

  • Fast-food restaurants: Electric resistors can be found in equipment such as toasters, hamburger grills, and pizza ovens.




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