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HoReCa equipment - fryers

Any kitchen in the HoReCa field must be equipped with an electric fryer, an appliance that needs a heater to operate. Such products are not easy to identify everywhere, but at Caldor Industrial Heating Systems we offer a diverse range dedicated to all those interested.


Quality electrical resistors


We are one of the top manufacturers of fryers for fryers, and everything we sell is of high quality. The products are famous for their reliability and for the fact that they promise chemical and mechanical resistance in all conditions.


For all needs


A wide range of products is available here that can meet everyone's needs. However, because the needs differ from one person to another and we try to support everyone, we offer the possibility to produce electric heaters for the custom fryer, fulfilling even the strictest customer requirements.


Choose professionalism


Caldor Industrial Heating Systems can be the right partner for all those who are looking for efficient heating solutions for many industries, and professionalism is one of the highest qualities. Experience really makes a difference and speaks for itself, so no one has to compromise when it comes to us.



Tubular technology with compressed MgO wire, protected by a metal sleeve

Top quality and reliability

Chemical and mechanical resistance in any conditions



  • Standard diameters: 6.25-16 mm

  • Materials: stainless-steel, iron cron, carbon steel, copper, titanium.

  • Lengths: 300-8,000 mm.

  • Shapes: U, serpentine, rectangular, spiral, etc.

Fryer electrical resistance

2500 W 230 V

Fryer electrical resistance

4000 W 230 V

Fryer electrical resistance

3250 W 230 V

Fryer electrical resistance

1800 W 230 V

Fryer electrical resistance

16KW 380 V

Fryer electrical resistance

3500W 230 V

Details required for order:


Electric power (w), supply voltage (V)

Diameter (mm), width (mm), sensor cavity quotas (mm)

Supply position in ready-to-close degrees

Connector or supply cables, cable lengths (mm)


depending on your projects.

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