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HoReCa – boilers.

Versatile and adaptable in several industrial and commercial areas (saunas, pools)

Metallic tube, resistance wire


MgO insulation powder

Boilers can be one of the best heating solutions, but the way they work can be influenced by their resistance. At Caldor Industrial Heating Systems we produce boiler heaters ideal for all those who need such products.


Products to rely on


It is worth choosing the efficiency of Caldor Industrial because you have the certainty that you will find the best solution for you. The range of products available here is wide enough to cover anyone's needs.


In addition, boiler electrical resistors can be chosen to be designed to order. In this way, any customer has the certainty that the product will suit you in any context and no compromise is needed.


Electrical heaters for quality boiler


At Caldor Industrial Heating Systems you will be greeted by a team of professionals who have a lot of experience in the field. For this, there are no situations that prove to be too complex to find the optimal solutions. Choose to work with the best and you will enjoy the products that allow you to use the boilers without interruptions and without inconveniences. Discover here the resistances you need and take advantage of the advantages that await you!


Technical specifications:


Can be manufactured with different voltages, diameter, length, different connective materials – depending on your needs.

The most important characteristic is flexibility: they can be welded to any metal surface.


Necessary details

for order:

  • power [W];

  • supply voltage [V];

  • nature of the environment

  • required temperature

  • constructive dimensions and active length


depending on your projects.

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