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Heavy duty cartridge

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1 year warranty


Diameter 10mm
Length 100mm
100mm long wire
Volt 230V
250W watt

Stainless steel material
-Industry for plastics, bakelite, epoxy resins, polyester and rubber
-Warm mats
-Refrigeration absorption
-Heating of metal masses
-Shoe industry

Optional :
-Other dimensions (length: sheath + slender outlet, Ø)
-Other electrical characteristics (voltage, power) with flexible stainless steel protection, ...
-Other electrical termination
-Different heating (different heating variable on the length of the resistance)
-Additional protective sheath for heating fluids

Instructions for use:
-Use a lubricating product that will facilitate the mounting and dismounting of the cartridge resistors in the bored place allowing a good thermal conductivity. See thermo-conductive silicone Vaseline
-in order not to burn the junctions or the resistance, be sure to leave the power cord out of the bore and insert the protective sheath.
-Protect electrical connections from moisture, metal particles that could cause power losses. Avoid vibrations and ensure good mechanical stability
-The temperature probe must be placed at a maximum of 10 mm from the cartridge. The minimum distance between the cartridges is two diameters
-Using temperature: from -60 to + 500 ° C

Cartridge type electric heater
Resistant Cartridge
Cartridge type resistance

We can produce any type of heating by order. If you can't find a product in the list. please contact us for heating elements request.
we are manufacturers.

Rezistente cartus 230W 250W 10x100

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