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1950 W resistor, for Candy washing machine, universal type.

Resistance specifications:
- 220V / 50 Hz power supply
- power 1950 W
- due to its length and the way of fastening this resistance can replace resistors for other washing machines
- the rubber gasket is extended with an edge inside the metal flange (sole)

- total length of the resistance (from its end to the "sole" / metal flange) - 225 mm

CANDY 1950W washing machine heater

Sales Tax Included
  • washing machine, Type: resistance washing machine, Power: 1950W, Length: 225 or 240mm, Flange length: 80mm, Flange width: 28mm, Immersion depth: 220mm

    Associated devices:
    GO41064D116S 31002509 CANDY lader front-washing machine
    GO4106DF116S 31003155 CANDY lader front-washing machine
    GO4106116S 31002463 CANDY ladder front-washing machine
    GO410616S 31001644 CANDY lader front washer
    GO41062D16S 31002782 CANDY lader front-washing machine
    GO41062D116S 31002894 CANDY lader front-washing machine
    GO410601 31001665 Washing / Drying CANDY
    GO41064D16S 31001646 CANDY lader front washer
    GO4106DF16S 31003154 CANDY lader front-washing machine

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