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1950 W resistor, with sensor hole, for BEKO washing machine

Resistance specifications:

- 230V / 50 Hz power supply
- power 1950 W


- total length of the resistance (from its end to the "sole" / metal flange) - 280 mm

Resistance washing machine ARCTIC, BEKO 1950W

Sales Tax Included
  • Washing machine resistance BEKO HTV8733XS0

    Associated devices:
    HTV8733XS0 7161541900 BEKO ladder front washer
    HTV8733XS0 7161541200 BEKO ladder front washer
    HTV8733XS0 7161542600 BEKO ladder front washer
    B800TA, B1000TA, WM3500M, WM3500MB, WM3500MS, WA600, WB6106XD, WMB6510R

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